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Verse 1
mmm Senorita...
Can you hear it from my chest?
I want the bang bang bang
Do your thang thang thang
We can get the rest
Oh... love your dizzy accent
Oh... love your body flexin
Our love is deep inside
You know how to make it right
I'll do everything you say
Just to see your face
Just to feel your breath
And to hear your laugh
Never met better than you
Never felt this way but you
You make me crazy
Girl, you amaze me

Oh... Senorita
Oh... Senorita
Oh... Senorita
Mama mia Senorita (x4)

Ohoh, Seniorita
What about me and you?
It took one touch , one word
My heart belongs to you
And im ready to cross the oceans
Ready to cross the miles
Forever feel this emotions in my life
Mama mia seniorita
She likes the way i treat her
I just wanna talk to her
And have against the wall
Tender spanish girl
She's one of a kind
We getting over the line
And I know we could be
Single galaxy


Ahh... Hola, Senora
Im waitin' for your order
Your eyes tear up my soul
But I like it , Mi Amore
She can feel me
I can feel her
I swear that i will never leave her
So beautiful big love dealer
I Think i have spanish lady fever
So fresh and clean
I wanna step in
Girl, cant you see the light that i see?
If you feeling yourself
You feeling me
Feelings are strong
Its clear to see
(Anuar, Y-Jar)
You , you stole my heart
We will never be apart
If your kiss could kill
It would be greatest death for me , girl

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